Thu, Mar 22 2018 - Thursday Morning Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol
Participants:Carol, Jose F., SusanF, Dan R, Larry S, Lyn S, Casey, Sharon, Suzanne, Dave S, Jeff Gimpel, Tracy, Leigh B, Linda H, mike hirschmann, Steve S, Memphis Russ, Steve F

Write Up:

One finds that when we are fit and the weather is cool, nothing can hold us back!  We started our morning by celebrating Sharon's 300th hike (and her final  Island Ford Thursday morning).  She had the option of whether or not to go up the warmup hill and she opted in!  So after rounding the pond, we made our way to the warm up hill where Susan led the way!  We meandered around the park making our way to the Lollipop Trail.  Because of the cooler temperatures and better trail conditions, we made our way around the Lollipop, back towards the river and ended up completing 6 strong miles!  Rugala and cookies were handed out after the hike to say our goodbyes to Sharon.  Thanks to all of you for coming back week after week!