Sat, Mar 10 2018 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Pam, Tim D, Kim W, Ping, Fay, Pam Y, Mary Beth, Steve Edwards, Agnes, Alice Edwards, Nahid

Write Up:
What a fun day at Sweetwater - we started out with 12 super energetic hikers. The park was alive with the annual Yeti 7-11 hour endurance run. Included, as a participant, was our very own president of the club Trena! She ran 44 miles in 10 hours and 20 minutes and I struggled at my own hike at 11.8 miles in 4 hours. We kept a tight formation in single line and verbal calls for approaching athletes (Yeti's too) and yielding for all up hill runners. Later our hike brought us back to the the half way point to the Visitors Center which was also the aid station for the run event. The tent had plenty of delectables from M&Ms to candy and hot dogs while our well behaved group were dining on fresh fruits, vegetables and protein bars! After the re-fuel we were off again to the final stretch. Everyone really kicked it in to make the event time on schedule including Agnes & Chase, our four legged hiker, for the photo finish! Thank you Alice for volunteering for being the spotter on a junction that kept our group moving. Yes folks - the myth is true... the Yeti exists and we have photos to prove it !!! Cheers, Chuck R.