Sun, Apr 1 2018 - Sope Creek(Paper Mill Road) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana
Participants:Diana, Marina, Norm Melton, Mark W, Shana, Joel Banks, Leigh B, Ross K, Jennifer Miles, Mark K, Mike C

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Write Up:

Beautiful day on the trails at Sope Creek and Cochran Shoals.  As usual all hikers started out overdressed (except for me) but they warmed up quick and started shedding layers.  We spotted four turtles, one snake and one blue critter - not sure exactly what he is, looks like a mini-lobster but he was blue ane only had one claw.  I would estimate about 2 inches in length.  Not sure if he was missing a claw or if he is just a one clawed creature.  Norm named him Lefty.  Thanks to Norm M. and Mike C. and the unnamed park ranger for providing the photographs.