Sat, Apr 7 2018 - Vickery Creek -- Oxbo Road (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana
Participants:Diana, Norm Melton, Gerrilyn, Aaron Lee, Eric P

Write Up:

Small group of five hikers this morning at Vickery Creek - considered canceling becuase of rain but glad I didn't.  When we started out there was a light mist that lifted minutes into the hike. No need for rain jackets.  The remainder of the hike was dry.  Lots of native azaleas in bloom, dogwood, trillium, wisteria, little yellow and purple flowers, one lone daffodil and a group of beautiful pink trees along Oxbo Road.  The vibrant colors along with the overcast skies made for a very enjoyable hike.  Thanks to all for joining me.