Sat, May 5 2018 - FIFTH Cinco de Mayo Hike: Island Ford - VISITOR CENTER Parking Lot (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Carol, Linda H, Dan R, Linda C, Shirley N, Larry S, Sharon C., Michelle D, Norm Melton, Leigh B, Ross K, David O, mpakchar, Steve Parker, KimVo, Daveo, Alison Rhodes, Steve F, Ling, Gary Babiarz

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Write Up:

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Joyce T., Carol U., Matt P., Shirley N., Linda H., Linda C., Sharon C., Larry S., and Dan R completed all 5 Cinco de Mayo Hikes getting in right at 17 miles! And our last hike was, of course, Joyce's favorite. Island Ford.  Somehow, even after doing 11 miles, Joyce gets to this hike and it's like magic.  She takes off and we follow:) . We had several newbies and this hike didn't faze them a bit.  We would like to welcome Ling F. (Joyce talked her into coming on this hike after we did Morgan Falls), David O. and Steve P. We started at the Visitor's Center, made our way through the trails, took the stem of the lollipop trail and  headed back.  (Michelle, Gary, and Steve P., actually did the whole lollipop and still beat us back to the Visitor's Center!)  We got in over 5.5 miles and about 600 feet of elevation during this early evening hike.  The Visitor's Center never looked so good:) The woods feel and sound different at this time of day, the river quiet with herons;  all of which made for a very calming atmosphere. Congrats to the mighty nine!  ~ Carol