Sat, Apr 21 2018 - Cohutta Wilderness Beginner’s Welcome (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Grant Brown
Participants:Grant Brown, Kristi, Todd M, Bill, Jenny, Luke Warren, Silvia, Nikita, Kristie, Leticia, Ray M

Write Up:

We had an outstanding time in the Cohutta Wilderness over the weekend. The weather was clear and wonderful the whole time with the exception of a little rain that decided to come down as the group was reaching their cars. There were a few sprinkles on the trail that brought out the great spring smells of the forest. We saw many colorful varieties of wildflowers along the trail. We were able to see the rejuvenating effect of the forest fires from 2016 when almost all of Cohutta received a burn out of its undergrowth. We saw large numbers 2-year saplings growing nicely; particularly pine, sassafrass, and poplars. In 10 years there will be some fabulous new pine thickets along the trail! In the walk in, Bill hiked ahead and along with Nikki they received a gift from the Woods by seeing a beautiful black bear. The bear took one look at Bill and made a run for the hills at an impressive pace according to the witnesses. We got lucky to literally arrive and scoop up a large wide campsite just five minutes ahead of a troop of scouts. As we were setting up camp a pair of young men hiked in and began setting up in our area. I wanted to be a good citizen so, I asked if they intended to join us. They said, "yeah." So, I said, "Cool, but if you might want some privacy, there are several more sites just down the trail a bit. I looked up later to discover they had moved on, but they came back to say good-bye and I invited them over for the evening music. I had a similar encounter with a young couple about a half hour later. It was a busy area Saturday night! After getting camp set up, some headed up to Jacks River Fall, others headed to the riverbanks for happy hour. Nikki shared awesome spinach, oyster, and cheese finger food, while Bill kept us all supplied with carrots and hummus. Kristi's fresh raw macadamia nuts from the farmer's market were a hit too. then, we gathered wood and Jenny, Bill, and Todd handled the saws as we made a great pile of wood for ourselves and the next occupants of the site. After dinner, we got out the guitars, harmonica, and hand percussion and played and sang for many hours. Thanks for packing in your instruments and singing Luke and Todd. Thanks for tending fire Ray! Thanks for playing and singing Letty, Wish you were Here was a blast! The next morning, worried about rain, we got a move on fairly early. Thanks for getting to the new Sierra Mexican restaurant in Chatsworth Kristi M and saving us a table. A great after trail meal was had by all.