Sat, Apr 28 2018 - Foothills Trail Backpack (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John, Myra Kincaid
Participants:Myra Kincaid, John, Adam, Ryan, Bob J, Wally H, Horhay

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Write Up:

Many, (oh so many) ticks, bridges, fords, stairs, waterfalls, mountain views, and all experienced with good company.  The weather was perfect this weekend. After setting up the shuttle, we set off down Auger Hole Trail to connect to the Foothills Trail. On one of the fords, I, along with many others, found what would be the first of many ticks on this trip. Tick checks became a thing. After all, if you can't ask a fellow backpacker to check you out (for ticks), who can you ask?

Shortly before joining with the Foothills Trail we were treated with a very nice mountain view near a power line cut.  The group made it down to the Foothills Trail in great time.  We turned left on the Foothills Trail and off we went. We had lunch on the trail near a small spring. After refueling and re-hydrating, off we went back down the Foothills Trail. We had 8 miles to go to the campsite. However, before we reached home for the night, the Foothills Trail provided us with some beautiful views of Lake