Sat, Apr 28 2018 - Hightower Bald - Georgia’s 3rd Highest Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Laura V, Mark
Participants:Mark, Laura V, Ken, Lisa, Luke Warren, Todd M, Pamela, Connie

Write Up:

Once again, Mark's epic Hightower Hike involved crawling up 3 miles of steep inclines, scrambling through dense rhododendron, and wading through fields of tangled briars. These minor inconveniences were well worth the trouble as we were rewarded with fabulous weather, great company, incredible views and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being up close and personal with a nest full of precious hawk's eggs. As we tried to scale the side of the cliff to find a way down from Hightower Bald, we squeezed across a narrow ledge that involved a butt slide and swinging from tree to tree. All of a sudden, one of our group members was surprised by a hawk that flew up into her face and darted quickly away. As she braced herself against the rock face, she came face-to-face with a nest full of a dozen eggs tucked under a ledge. As the rest of us squeezed through the narrow slot, we each got to peek at the aerie full of ecru eggs. Before we even got everyone past the nest, another one of our group members got sprayed with a can of bear spray. The trigger was released as she squeezed under a tree branch and (luckily), only sprayed the back of her arm. After a quick clean up, we continued down the mountain. Although we didn’t encounter any wildlife on our Hightower adventure, we did get to enjoy a variety of wildflowers and the famous bawling bear falls. Another perfect day in the woods.  THANKS MARK!!

Submitted by Laura V.