Mon, Apr 30 2018 - Vickery Creek Quick Step v5.5 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Shanon M, Mary Kay, Melanie, Bart, Tony O, Pam M, josephwilber, Marina, Mary Beth, Gena

Write Up:

Ok, I admit it! yesterday was FAST, we had more sections of  us doing the "Recon Shuffle" than walking, and Pam had a 14# weighted vest on too (ooh-rah!)...but it was the QuickStep FAST AF* TRAINING HIKE. After consideration to all I will now probably dub it the "Death March" or a "Run -n- Hike" event since we had a few splits with sub 14 min miles and so on...I do have to say the crew (including a few newbs to the QuickStep formats) were outstanding in their performance. No one dropped (except for Melanie's car battery...a BIG THANKS to Bart's AAA membership to help out on the worlds craziest battery configuration) and everyone got a great workout in on a beautiful Monday evening. I hope to see  out there again soon.

Great job to all!! Thanks for keeping me honest out there, especially the new QuickSteppers: Joe, MaryBeth, Bart

*AF = Anaerobic Fitness (which means short, painful and demanding)