Tue, May 8 2018 - Pine Mountain (near Cartersville) East and West Loops (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Shirley N, Joyce T., SusanF, Suzanne, Jenny C, Allan, Lana

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Write Up:

Another great hike for a Tuesday morning, this time doing the double loops of Pine Mountain.  The weather was exceptional, almost a little chilly at the start but as soon as we began our climb, both the air and our happy hikers were warming up.  We did the west loop first taking the steep side of the loop and all successfully negotiated Fat Man's Squeeze.  We summited Pine mountain in good order taking a brief break to soak in the views. 

Then it was down the east loop where we passed through Whiskey Hollow on the way to the bottom.  Immediately we climbed again passing the rock cairn near the top  for our second summit of Pine Mountain where we took a longer break to snack and rest.  Finally down the west loop to complete our two loops and double summit of Pine Mountain.  THe hike clocked in at 5.5 miles, 1400 feet of elevation and we finished on time .  ~ Holt