Sun, Jun 10 2018 - Art and Sunset Hike: Piedmont Park and Eastside Beltline (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa, Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose)
Participants:Lisa, Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose), Lisa Vollbracht, Mark P, Martha, AmyEvans, Jennifer C

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Write Up:

We got a good taste of Piedmont Park on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We met at the 14th Street gate and had a moment of reflection at the Peace Monument, a statue meant to promote peace between the northern and southern states after the Civil War. We cut through the soccer fields swarming with weekend warriors, and down the old stone steps built for the 1895 Cotton States Expo, which was designed to promote the southern region to the world. 

Crossing the lake, we witnessed some drama as we made our way over to the gazebo. A little yellow duckling seemed to be separated from his family. Finally he jumped in at the end of a line of little ducklings, and they all swam off into the sunset. We checked out the flourishing fruit trees, blueberries, and raspberries at the educational garden. We jumped onto the interim Eastside Beltline trail and followed the gravel path up to the real Beltline. It was crowded but not overwhelmingly so, with runners, cyclists and parents with strollers sharing the wide paved trail. We enjoyed the many art exhibits along the way, including the rusty railroad workers, the shiny rhino, a Tiny Door, the bamboo forest made of tall brown poles that we all walked through. And oh! some of us even saw a baby goat! 

On the way back, we all agreed to check out New Realm brewing company. They scored 14 thumbs up for ambiance, excellent service with a smile, frosty beverages, and delicious tacos. Viewing the beautiful cityscape from the rooftop patio, with a cool breeze in our hair and friendly faces around our table, was a highlight of the evening. We made our way back to the park and our respective ways home, bidding adieu until next time.