Mon, May 21 2018 - Monday Morning at Vickery Creek (Beginners Welcome) - Starting at Riverside Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Larry S, Judy, Shirley N, Bob R, Dave P, Norm Melton, Bill Lohmeyer, Darleen, Linda H, DavidV, Jennifer W, Ewa, LindseyW, Doug, Gerrilyn, Gundeep

Write Up:

We've learned not to pay too much attention to the weather reports until the day of the event! Rather than the prediction of thunderstorms, we had bright skies and relatively mild temperatures for our hike at Vickery Creek.

We started at Riverside Park and entered Vickery Creek from one of the neighborhood roads, so we had plenty of parking and restrooms, too. We hiked the periimeter of Vickery Creek park, stopping by the dam and continuing under the Oxbo Bridge.  

Along the way, we happened upon Susan Ferguson and her friend, Cynthia, who were doing volunteer trail maintenance for the Chattahoochee Parks Deparment.

One of my trail rocks, left at Riverside Park several weeks ago, still remains in place! (Carol Ug knows where it is). 

Trena had only one night's sleep since Thursday because of her helping a friend on the long 106 mile Cruel Jewel Race - - yet she joined us for this morning's hike looking none the worse for wear. ~ Joyce