Sat, Aug 11 2018 - Unicoi Gap to Tray Mountain Shelter (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Ron Jacobs, Michelle L, Nahid, Fay, Laura M, Pam, Tony Whiddon, Wally H, A.B. M., Joyce B., Bob J, Sarah, mark mattke, Henley

Write Up:
The weather gave us a good start for our 15 hikers on the Tray Mountain event. Definitely cooler temps in the Mountains. The trail was wet with full streams and very little traffic. Tray had astounding views. We took East to the front side of Rocky for round 1 and so far we led the fight. Moving on to Indian Grave Gap we took the corner to regroup and bandage our upper cuts! The fight was on - we took on Gaps, Ridges, outcropping and streams but we held our trail. Ok on to round 2 - Tray Mountain! We took the corner again at Tray Mountain Gap, with a quick gear and attitude adjustment we soon hit the switchbacks. To the left, to the right - Tray was giving everything it had at us! The T. L. had to pull a fast one so we summit Tray and took the off trail to the secret view ( had to have my sandwich). After lunch and re strategizing our plan to take on the backside of Rocky, we retied our boot laces, put the SPF on and back in the trail again. We gained full momentum from Indian Grave Gap and glad to say the T.L. did not throw in the towel. WE BEAT ROCKY!!! All in all it was a fun hike (good group). I want to welcome back Henley to the A.O.C. My thanks to the full support of carpool, Bob Jackson for being my eyes on the trail and Sarah for being the accountant ( team work ). Remember - leave no trace Pack it out!