Sun, May 24 2009 - Extended Kennesaw Mountain 4 Hour Morning Fitness Hike - Intermediate to Advanced Hikers (7:30 AM start time - rain or shine) - (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Danny, Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose)
Participants:Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose), Danny, Karen B, Bettina, Marshall, Jennifer Rush, Alison W., David Thompson, Mary Padgett, Gary Babiarz, Beth E., Mary Kay, Alan Seitman

Write Up:
On the way to Kennesaw Mountain Sunday morning, you could see that it was shrouded in clouds.  After meeting up in front of the visitors center, we headed up into the clouds.  The humidity was high, but the temperature was cool, so hiking was very pleasant.  We synced up at Burnt Hickory Road then most of us went on to do the additional two mile loop which took us by Noses Creek and circled back around near the crest of Pigeon Hill.  From there it was back over Pigeon Hill, down to Big Rock Gap, up Little Kennesaw, over the saddle, then up Big Kennesaw and back down the other side to the visitor center where we began.  We ran into the AOC birdwatchers at the visitors center.  Also, we had the heck scared out of us each time the reenactors blasted the cannons off beside the visitors center.  Everyone seemed to like the hike in the end, and we were glad that the rain held off.