Sun, Jul 29 2018 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow ,Red, White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Ron Jacobs, Steve T, Armin, Agnes, Monica, Mary Beth, Mary Kay, Mark P, Kip, Shana

Write Up:
The weather worked in our favor for Sunday morning. We had a cohesive group. The line got a little too spread out for my liking. I had to take point for all the junctions. It all worked out - Armin pretty well had the middle and Steve T had the rear ( team work). I did not appoint anybody to this position. They pretty much fell in to play. M. B. took care of the count at all stops. We had 150 runners on some parts of the trail and again the group cooperated with trail etiquette , making it a smooth transition as the runners passed us. Armin gave us some great stories on our breaks on his excursion out West! Did not see any pigs, just a beautiful day in all for hiking with a good group!