Tue, Jul 24 2018 - Last Minute Hike Tuesday Morning at Leita Thompson Memorial Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Dan R, Gloria Colley, Steve F, Linda H, reid h, Patty, Larry S, DavidV, Memphis Russ, SusanF

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Write Up:

We had a most eventful hike this morning - - all good! There was a forecast of thunderstorms, but it looked like our rain bubble might hold till noon. As it turned out, at noon the sun was shining brightly and not a drop of rain had fallen.

One of our participants looked like a no-show until he caught up with us well into the hike. My hikes don't always start at 10:30 - - such as today's 10 am hike. 

We were faced with a closed gate that prevented us from accessing the trail I planned to follow - - but as we stood looking at the fence, a maintenance truck pulled up and a worker unlocked the gate for us!

Because it's always fun to explore and discover, we decided it would be fun to continue down the trail on Mountainside Road to see if we could find an entrance to Leita Thompson through the Wildwood subdivision. We asked for help from two different residents along the 1.5 mile subdivision trek and eventually found the trail that would take us back into the park. We were able to finish the hike and get back to the parking lot exactly on time!

Six of ua gathered at Paneras after the hike - - a place where we always enjoy their delicious menu. ~ Joyce