Thu, Aug 16 2018 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Bob S, Larry S, Steve S, Linda H, Shirley N, Leigh B, Dan Space R, Lyn S, Michael S, mike hirschmann, Allen D, Bunnie, Memphis Russ, Steve F, Bob R, Tracy, regina k, David, Joyce T., Carol

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Write Up:

80 degrees at the beginning of the hike - 90 degrees at the end of the hike!  No problems for this group! And that is not even taking into account the humidity.   We still managed to get in 5.3 miles and since Susan wasn't around, Joyce and Allen were the first ones up the warm-up hill.  The rest of us managed to lag behind:).  We would like to welcome Bob S. to the group;  he has just moved to the Atlanta area and states he plans on making hiking one of his priorities. Two Bobs, two Steves and two Mikes today!!  What will next week bring?  So once again, thank you for joining us on this hot and muggy day. See ya next Thursday:) ~ Carol