Sat, Sep 15 2018 - Kennesaw Battlefield Park Loop / No Mountains (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Barbie, Chuck R, Tricia S., Jeff G, Grace, Robert, Mary Kay, Mary Beth, Janet J, Tim, Gail C, Bob Schindelholz, Joyce B.

Write Up:
We had 13 hikers on this event. The hike started at 7.00 am we had very little daylight in order to see the trail.The next 7:00 am hike will be head torches required, but it was quite surreal to see the sunrise. It was very hot and humid - you had to embrace the uncomfortable condition or you won't enjoy it.The majority of the group turned out to be a moderate fast pace which was ok with me. When we arrived at Gilbert road, just before the fields and starting of the the herd paths, I took rear and gave lead to Tricia & M B . I threw a few bread crumbs on the trail and they took to it like a duck to a Junebug! They carried us all the way to DALLAS highway ( good job on the compass). When we got to the last leg of hike the majority of the group finished up to the cars, while some of us did some bonus miles. Afterwards, I still had plenty of time in my day for football & YARD WORK! Next week Neel's Gap To Hog Pen Gap. Hurry up fall weather. I want to thank the hikers from the north of town making the effort for this event. The museum at the V/ C will be closed for 5 weeks starting in October for renovation.