Sat, Aug 25 2018 - Tube/Kayak/Paddleboard the Hooch (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisa, Wynn
Participants:Wynn, Lisa, Chris F, Susan W, Jane Zhong, jing zheng, Lee Ann, Kathy King, john everly, Laura M

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Write Up:

Our day on the Chattahoochee River was a classic tale of teamwork. We gathered by the river, shuttled some vehicles to the takeout point, gathered our supplies, secured the car keys and we were off! We had a lovely sendoff by veteran paddlers Heidi and Thomas. The weather could not have been more perfect: a bright August sunshiny sky framed by puffy whipped cream clouds. The water temperature was refreshing near the shore and pretty darn cold if you got in past your waist. 

We floated along peacefully, paying attention to the places where the water got fast. The water level was up high. Suddenly our boaters in the 2-seater kayak got turned sideways and over they went. One of them swam on down the river to be taken in by our advance team. The other one clung to a piling in the cold water while two other kayakers on our team struggled to free the boat which had gotten wedged under a rock. Finally one of the trip leaders made it back upstream and the boat was rescued. The waterlogged kayaker was picked up by the other TL and everybody made it to the takeout point. It was a great day of cameraderie and respect for Mother Nature.