Sun, Sep 30 2018 - Mount Yonah and Pink Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Aaron, Lisa
Participants:Aaron, Lisa, Anna Bullis, Suzanne, Dave G, Ken, Annette, Maria, Bob J, Mary T, sanjay, Norm Melton, Adriana Martinez, john everly

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Write Up:

The foggy haze that shrouded Yonah's distinctive outline burned off by the time we hit the trailhead, shared what we all appreciate about the fall season, and started up the mountain. The summer humidity lingered, despite the calendar being on the cusp of October. By the time we topped the second long stone staircase, we had all worked up a sweat. We crossed a couple of boulder fields and paused at the meadow and crossroads for a nice view. We then altered course and headed up the less-used trail to the summit of Pink Mountain. Back down through the saddle and a stop at the Boulder for lunch. 

After refueling we climbed up a side trail to hoist ourselves up some cables for a different perspective. We rappelled back down to make way for some climbers coming down from the sheer cliff face above us. Then it was all uphill to the summit of Yonah, a little exploring round the meadow and more views around the perimeter, then back down we went. Perfect weather, majestic mountain views, some tricky boulder scrambling, and most of all, fantastic company! What a great way to enjoy a Sunday.