Sat, Sep 22 2018 - Neels Gap to Hogpen Gap and back (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Laura M, Mark P, Wally H, Steve T, George, Nahid, Cathy, Ray, Charles, Steve H

Write Up:
This event gave us 11 hikers who followed through with a clean hike. We got to The Byron Reese parking lot on time before 8:00 am with plenty of parking! The weather was warm and humid for the mountains. We hiked the first half of the trail over Levelland Mountain with little difficulty - some bench cut trails with a couple of ridges was nice. It was a well groomed trail to Cowrock where we took lunch ( clear view). Our next turn was Whitley Gap Trail, where we approached Wildcat Mountain for a west view to see Cowrock and Blood Mountain, still had clear views. The frontside was finished at Hogpen Gap! Even though we had more Mountain travel in the going up, the backside was much more strenuous and don't forget Levelland Mountain on the last leg of hike. Mountain Travel was spot on and mileage was close enough for the hike as posted. I did see plenty signs of bear, lots of scat and punk wood logs pulverized by bear looking for worms and insects.This time of year they are in the hyperphagia phase. I think the line made good time on collecting at stops especially the frontside up! But be duly noted the backside is a bear - no pun intended. I will do this hike again in the future - it will be one of my favorites! Did not have time to do yard work after this hike. Next week Blood, Coosa, and Lake Winfield Scott & Blood again.