Tue, Sep 11 2018 - Smith Creek Trail to Anna Ruby Falls (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ann Howard, Ralph Howard
Participants:Ann Howard, Ralph Howard, Bunnie, Norm Melton, LindseyW

Write Up:

Yes, if you are following along, the "troubles" continued, Ralph forgot his hiking boots (luckily Lindsey had the perfect pair to borrow).  Then many cancelled - what do you know that we don't know!?!  And, on to the trailhead, (what do you know that we don't know!), Bunny warned, there were downed trees - until - then - yes - Norm went down and there was some blood loss and damage to his right arm and hand, but he managed well and he was bandaged up and Bunny suggested we continue on as it was perhaps easier than going back through the many downed trees.  The significant trail damage was over.  We (Bunny and I) tried to tell everyone of the fearsome (look at the AOC FB page) lobster.  I am pretty sure it spoke in Japanese, it said "GO BACK!".  We did not listen - well, Ralph did.  He went back and moved our transport to the Anna Ruby Falls VC and then headed for us on the trail.  Ralph, it was too late to say  we shall next be attacked by the killer Yellow Jackets.  Not typical for the event, but the TL who had been swiping down the LARGE spider webs, got attacked by the vicious yellow jackets - one bite to the abdomen.  We waited for freedom, and for the insipid bees to settle, before continuing on - yes, Bunny said "Ann, there is no way around!", and we continued until Ralph met us and warned us of the DIAMOND trail intruder.  A snake.  We made it through the snake pit.  Finished at the Falls!  Ate a delicious victory meal.  Why do we hike?  BECAUSE WE CAN!  Anybody want to hike with the Howards?!