Wed, Sep 5 2018 - Wednesday Morning at East Palisades - Indian Trail Entrance (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Dan R, Shirley N, Dotty Moore, Chris, Pat B, Dan C, Bethann J, Pat M, Norm Melton

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Write Up:

A wonderful hike this morning with a small group - - rather unique for our weekday suburbian hikes. And what made it even more unique was that of a total of 10 members, 4 were new to the AOC! We were happy to welcome Chris and his wife, Pat B., Dotty, and Pat Mc. East Palisades was new to all of them, and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the trails, especially the bamboo forest.

We took several stops along the way to see the dog beach (completely devoid of any canines this morning), the overlook deck, and the bamboo forest. We even took a shortcut DOWN the BAH! We took it slowly and carefully, and everyone did just great on that steep descent.

Not much wildlife out today, though we did see a deflated flamingo float in the river and a baby lizard on the trail. It was a prime day for snakes, but they all kept their distance from our group this morning.l  ~  Joyce