Sat, Sep 22 2018 - A Mason Mill Meander (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lyndsay
Participants:Vicki B, Aaron Lee, Ambreen Delawalla, Pina R, Kathryn, Lyndsay, Huiling, Fred J, Janis G, Charlie Cottingham, Jennifer C, Liz B., Laura C, Norm Melton, Anu Seam, Smitha

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Write Up:

We had a full crew and a lovely day at Mason Mill! Lots of faces, both new and old. We had a hiker, Ambreen, with us who was taking her first AOC hike with us, as well as Charlie, who is over 900 hikes and counting. We took our time walking the length of the path down to Medlock Park and back, enjoying the beautyberry along the way. A train ran under the bridge as we passed both on the way out and back. We spared a few extra minutes to check out the new boardwalk being built near the Mason Mill end of the path. It's planned to be open within the next couple of weeks - hopefully we can explore it on an upcoming hike!