Sat, Nov 10 2018 - Waterfalls, Talc Mines, and Who Knows What Trail at Fort Mountain State Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Aaron, Ann Howard
Participants:Ann Howard, Aaron, Ralph Howard, Annette, Greg Walling, Mark, Amanda M., Ron Jacobs, Vera N, Antoinette, Kimmy, Charles

Write Up:

We had a cold and somewhat treacherous start to our hike, with a twisty hike, sharply down the powerlines.  It was a rocky road with slippery leaves, but the reward to the talc mine explored by Aaron and Mark; and the warm air felt by some was appreciated.  The hike then meandered through cascading waterfalls, picturesque lanes of strewn golden leaves.  We saw several more talc mines that did not allow entry.  And we saw mine 'stuff' (whatever) along the way.  The hike finished with a long, continuous ascent (earning this hike its rating) along a cascading stream.  Reaching the top it was a short jaunt back to the cars.  

Hoping Kimmy feels better today.  And many thanks to Aaron and Mark (her escorts) for their duty.

Facts and figures:  3000 foot total gain, 12 miles.  Cold, sunny blue skies, happy hikers.