Fri, Oct 26 2018 - GA State Univ. Botanical Garden Walk & Talk featuring Native Plants of GA and celebrating the life of founder George Sanko (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Lisbelle C, Susan Gonzalez

Write Up:

Thanks to Lisbelle and her good friend since childhood, Susan, for joining me and about 100 other gardening aficionados for this very special celebration at the beautiful "Native Plants Botanical Garden.  Despite the showery weather, during the first hour of this heartwarming event we enjoyed exploring its diverse outdoor display areas together on a "round-robin tour," with experts posted at each area and giving commentary to our sequentially arriving groups.  Then from 11AM - 1PM we regathered in the nice GSU-PC gymnasium for indoor festivities.  Our main host Rick Barnes and several other avowed "disciples of George Sanko" gave fascinating slide presentations of their trips all over United States and beyond with George, and delivered humorous anecdotes about these "botanical safaris."  The food, refreshments and museum-like Sanko memorabilia on display were also wonderful!  - Charlie