Wed, Dec 19 2018 - Allenbrook, Vickery Creek and Roswell Boardwalk (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Silvia B, Bob G, Joyce T., Shirley N, Bruce R, Brian O, Wendy B, Barry Polon, Evy, Dr. Barbara, Dan R, Doug, Sharon C., Holt Ward

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Write Up:

Boy did we have some fun today exploring Allenbrook, one of the lesser visited parks in the CRNRA system as well as some of the lesser known corners of Vickery Creek. We started the day trying to get to the ruins of Ivy Mill but recent rains made the ruins inaccessable.  So off to Allenbrook where we visited both the creekside and ridgetop trails along with the Allenbrook house itself.  

We next made our way across the creek and into the Vickery Creek unit.  Immediately we headed off trail, following a few old road beds tucked back in the woods.  We ultimately made our way to the most impressive new steps at the covered bridge over Vickery Creek which now goes all the way down to the creek level.  After following the creek downstream for about a mile, we took a very steep uphill off trail "short cut" to reach the ridge trail which we followed back out of the park and back to our cars.  Finally, a special recognition to Evy who completed her 100th AOC event.  ~ Holt