Sun, Jan 20 2019 - Total Eclipse of the Supermoon! A special Skygazing Night Hike at Mason Mill Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Mark W, Janelle, Greg Walling, Pam, David DeLorme, Elizabeth S, Christa, Misty Hicks, Simone A, Pam, Pablo, Harry Keller, Ambreen Delawalla, Judith M, Mark, Laura V, Herm D, Sharon M, Yaksh Patel, AmyEvans, Robin Walling, Lisa Maldonado, Meggie W, Maria, Huiling, Mary Reed

Write Up:

We "Eskimo-style skywatchers" had a ball together viewing the spectacular "Super-Blood-Wolf Moon" total lunar eclipse  last night.  Despite the midwinter chill and the difficulty of recognizing one another in our hoodies, fur caps, face masks, scarves & gloves, we felt lucky to have such a beautiful cloudless sky for witnessing the moon's dramatic eclipse phases and enjoying the bright surrounding constellations.  We were treated clear views of the twin stars of Gemini pointing directly at the eclipsing moon - also the North Star, the Big Dipper, Orion, Taurus, Cassiopeia and other amazing sky objects.
  After greeting one another in the Mason Mill parking lot we strolled together to the high PATH Trail deck over the RR track, where right on cue at 10:33 PM a dark shadow began to appear and grow on the lower left side of the moon.  During this "Partial" phase it was fun walking from the high deck via the PATH Trail to Medlock Park and back.  Along the way we had continuous clear views of the moon and its constantly changing crescent shape caused by the earth's eclipsing shadow.  As predicted, by about 11:45
 the face of the moon had had become become an eerie dark "blood red" as the ~hour-long "Total" phase began and no more direct rays of sunlight were reaching it.  After midnight several of our group remained sprawled out on the high deck to enjoy even more of the eclipse as most of us bade goodbye and headed homeward.
  Special thanks to Herm and Lisa who brought their nice telescopic-lens cameras and tripods and shared closeup photos and real-time views of the eclipse with everyone.  I look forward to posting some of the photos that they and others took as part of this archive!
 - Charlie, posted Monday AM Jan 21st