Mon, Jan 14 2019 - Rabun Bald via Beegum Gap to rock lookout (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ralph Howard
Participants:Ralph Howard, Julianne, Marty E, Dorothea, Becky Douviile, Bonnie Bobbitt

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Write Up:

We had a really good hike with a great group of hikers. It wasn't as cold as we all thought it would be, largely because there was very little wind. The climb up to Rabun Bald was fairly straight forward other than having to skirt around a couple of icy patches. When we got to Rabun Bald everything was socked in with clouds, so we could only see faint whispers of the surrounding mountains. Becky rewarded with some fantastic homemade granola bars. Yum! From Rabun Bald to our turnaround just past Flat Top Mountain we encountered dozens of downed trees, broken limbs, etc. This was the most blowdown that Dorothea has ever seen, which is saying something. Becky in particular enjoyed the challenge of finding ways over, under, or around these obstacles. It seemed that the return trip was easier than going in, perhaps because we now knew what we were dealing with. We concluded with a nice meal in Clayton. It was great spending time with such a compatible, fun group of fellow hikers!