Sat, Jan 12 2019 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Gary Hubert, Garrett A., Helen Porter, Donna G, Larissa T, Agnes, KenO, Suzanne, Dave G, Ron Jacobs

Write Up:
Weather was good for Sweetwater Park. Cold temps... but we kept moving in a pace where at all stops the group collected quickly in order to keep warm. Surprisingly in some spots the trail disappeard. Due to the last of the leaf fall from Beech & Oak trees (this is called Marcecence). I was glad to see some North Metro hikers to attend the event. We hope Gail C & Bob can make it out next time (feel better Gail.) The Visitor Center bathrooms are currently closed for renovations. They have portable potties in front of V/C and don't forget about the permanent ones on north end of parking lot. A no show for the east side pigs.