Mon, Jan 21 2019 - Monday Morning at Sope Creek - - Starting at Sope Creek Elementary School (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Holt Ward, Bob G, Rocky M, Shirley N, Luz Maria, Evy, Judy, Barry Polon, John B, mike hirschmann, Bill C, Dan R, Linda C, Pete, Janet G, bonnie d

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Write Up:
Mistakes happen . . . and today's was embarrassing! Holt's 200th celebration rock was painted in the colors of his alma-mater - - however, I had him connected to the wrong college! The rock colors were those of his rival, Virginia Tech, instead of his school - - Virginia. No wonder there was such an awkward silence when he saw the rock!

And then there was the other mistake - - losing half the group because I failed to check behind when we made a turn in the trail. (Fortunately, we found them when we backtracked.)  

Otherwise, it was a great celebration hike, and Holt even earned praise for providing historical information on the ruins and for leading the second half of the hike!

We welcomed Bonnie, a newcomer to the AOC. The MLK holiday enabled her to join ua today. ~ Joyce