Sat, Feb 2 2019 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Ann, Luz Maria, AmyEvans, Bill, Armin, Kristina C., Tom, Mary Kay, SallyB

Write Up:
What a fun hike, the weather making it much more enjoyable! We had 10 pleasant hikers that really had great conversations together on all heights of the trail. Thanks gang for paying attention to my pre- hike briefing ,you followed through to make this a perfect hike. Trail conditions were great dry rocks and dry ground. Even left my hiking shoes on when I got home. We had the pleasure of having our top trail companion with us ( Rufus). Who did a excellent hike ( well trained and leashed). I think the most fashionable dressed hiker was Armin. Two of the toughest hikers were Tom M and Kristina C (well done). We did get in parts of the red trail, so all colors were completed. No East side pigs nor Jack's pond Beaver. Bathrooms are still under renovation. Thanks to Bill H for keeping head count. Next week Coosa Backcountry Counter Loop.