Fri, Feb 1 2019 - Allenbrook, Vickery Creek and Roswell Boardwalk (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Rocky M, Claudia, Dan C, Dan Space R, John B, Shirley N, Neil, Debbie, Jennifer W, Linda H, Marty G, Evy, Bobby, Bob R, Wendy B

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Write Up:

Well our day was not without some challenges at the beginning but it was still a great day at Allenbrook and Vickery Creek.  We had planned to head down the boardwalk to see the Ivy Mill ruins but the Chattahoochee was out of its banks and the boardwalk was underwater.  So we headed up to Allenbrook which is an interesting and historic place.  We also saw the ruins of the old Roswell Railroad which was partially built but never completed back in the late 1800's. 

Next we headed over to Vickery creek for another couple of miles of hiking.  We started with a bit of off-trail to get up to the ridgeline and headed out to the next steps at the covered bridge over Vickery Creek.  We walked along the creek for about a mile before taking a steep shortcut to regain the trail up on top of the ridge.  Then it was all downhill and back to our cars.  ~ Holt