Mon, Jan 28 2019 - Big Creek Greenway Bike Ride - with a Double Marconi (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): George
Participants:George, Bill Lohmeyer, Dan C

Write Up:

All I have to say is DID YOU SEE THAT SUNSET this evening?? Nice, eh? It was mo epic on a bike just so you know :P Maybe you can join us for my Friday installation of the Big Creek Greenway w/2x Marconi...

Great ride tonight! Dare I say it was the first ride of the year for Dan "the Man!" and "the (not so) weakest Marine I ever met" Bill..regardless it was a blast! And they slayed it out there! Traffic had both of them arriving at the G'way at 4:30 so it gave me a bit to show off on the single track part of Big Creek's mountain bike trails...gotta laugh when ya see a road bike with dual panniers zippin' around the course...yep that was me! #MoreEnergyThanSense

p.s. who throws a grocey bag full of old cakes out at the "deerfield" section of the trail system?? We thought that poor deer was so desperate for something to eat Dan & I stopped to see if he was eating a buddy of his - it wasn't it was a giant bag of red velvet cake, cupcakes and other lil desserts - WTH people - don't do that!

anyway - C-Ya soon #BundleUp #SemperFi