Sat, Feb 16 2019 - Kennesaw Mountain 5.8-mile Red Trail Loop Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham, Mike C
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Luz Maria, Mike Smith, Dan L., Mike C, Mireille, Joyce T., Denise H, Tanya H, Yaksh Patel, Indira Pryor, Carla Bell, MD Floyd

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Write Up:
For this memorable loop hike up, over, and around the east side of Kennesaw Mountain we had a friendly group of both new and longtime members.  Luckily for us it had finished raining before we gathered for the hike, but there was still lots of mist in the air until about 9:45 AM when we crested "Little Kennesaw." Between the fog and the wet condition of the trail we hiked a bit slower than planned, but still managed to complete the hike in under 3 hours.  Midway through the hike it worked out well to divide into two groups allowing each group to finish at a slightly different pace (with Mike accompanying one group and Charlie the other.)
Special thanks to brand new members Indira and Mark for choosing this hike as your very AOC event!  Mike, Dan, Mireille, and Yaksh:  It was also nice getting to spend the morning with you.  Congrats on becoming newly active members yourselves in the past few weeks. - Submitted by Mike & Charlie, Sun Feb 17th

p.s. by Charlie:  Congrats to Mike for doing such a good job as my Co-Leader as a new "PTL" on our AOC Leadership Team.

Also a big round of thanks to Joyce Taaffe for adding her "magic touch" to the hike 
and for sharing her colorful photos. (Click this link or click "Photo Album" above this article):

BTW, here's Joyce's nice commentary that she posted atop her above-linked Facebook photos:  Mike Collett's 1st AOC Co-lead - Kennesaw Mt. - Feb 16, 2019:  We had several newbies on our Kennesaw hike this morning. As we ascended the mountain, we got into some fairly dense fog, which provided some eerie photo effects.  Welcome to the AOC Indira and Mark (1st event!) and Yaksh, Mike S., Mirielle, and Dan, who are relatively new to the club. It's always a pleasure to welcome new folks on our hikes.  Congratulations Mike C. on getting your first co-lead under your belt. You'll be a starred trip-leader in no time!

Springfield Kennesaw shots:
Thanks, Bob!