Sun, Jul 12 2009 - Cartecay River - Hike and Swim (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ann, Ralph Howard
Participants:Ralph Howard, Ann, Scott Bennett, Cristina, Kelly S, Ray R, Kelley, Dianne, Liz Ramirez, Sarah H, Terry, Charlie Cottingham, YUKO, Helena F, David, David Leader, David Lloyd

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Write Up:
Woohoo!  The water was cool - and so were the hikers!  Thanks to one and all for a wonderful hike - through the woods - over, in, and around the river!  Kudos to the brave souls for jumping off the rock - you never really know how high it is until you DO IT!  Also, some very nice floats through the "rapids".  Hey - watermelon never tasted so sweet, cold, and refreshing as when you finish a hike!

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See you on the trail!

Ann & Ralph