Fri, Feb 8 2019 - Coopers Furnace and Pine Mountain Summit (Secret Trail Down) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Evy, Silvia B, Shirley N, Janet G, Allan, Dan Space R, Linda C, Jennifer W, Dan C, Mike Brannon, Neil, Suzanne, Bette, Sharon C., Judy, Rick D

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Write Up:

We had a great group for todays hike at Pine Mountain and Coopers Furnace.  With a strong wind during must of the hike, the wind chill was brisk but everyone was prepared.  And if anyone was missing a layer to shield them from the cold, the climb up to the summit of Pine Mountain took care of that. 

After a break during which we tried to pick out visible mountains (including Stone Mountain way off in the distance) we headed down the "secret trail" all the way to the Etowah River.  Before reaching the river, we explored the ruins of an old Iron Ore and Manganese mine that operated in the late 1800's.  Finally a visit to Coopers Furnace before taking the railroad grade back to the ridge line and our cars. ~ Holt