Tue, Feb 5 2019 - Kennesaw Mt. NBP - Noses Creek and Hardage Mill Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Rocky M, Evy, Claudia, Silvia B, Linda H, Dan Space R, Dan C, Shirley N, Suzanne, Allan, Del Butler, Dr. Barbara, Neil, Zvia S, Joyce T., Carolyn Naser, Jan T, Gloria Colley

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Write Up:

Well todays hike of the central portions of the Kennesaw Mountain battlefield was a treat.  We had a great group for the hike that kept together and allowed us to move a bit quicker than planned.  On this hike I typically head up Pigeon Hill first and then loop out the Hardage and Noses Creek trails but today we did the hike in reverse.  This allowed for a more gradual climb up Pigeon Hill and also allowed a great ending to the hike as we discussed the battle of Pigeon Hill.  

We had one relatively new member of the AOC on today's hike.  Jan was on her 3 AOC event.  Welcome Jan.  ~ Holt