Thu, Feb 21 2019 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Larry S, Memphis Russ, Dan Space R, Zvia S, Suzanne, Joy, Shirley N, Steve F, Barry Polon, Bob G, Tracy, regina k, Jeff Gimpel, Bob R, Linda H, DavidV, Bette

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Write Up:

Gratitutde and obeisance to the miraculous rain bubble that has protected our Thursday morning hikers through countless rainy days. After just a few moments of sprinkles, the rest of the hike was dry, save for the wet pavement, mist, and fog.

Joyce consulted with DaveO who lives nearby to see about the possibility of hiking by his house in the neighborhood bordering Island Ford to say hello. The trails were way to wet to safely navigate them, so our group was planning to do an urban hike on pavement. DaveO wasn't going to be home in the morning, but he gave us a tip on a house to view three houses away - - one recently renovated by one of the start of Housewfves of Atlanta - - Cynthia Bailey. We saw the house and actually caught DaveO as he was driving to work.

The neighborhood walk was perfect, giving us glimpses of some beautiful homes and even a scenic pond - - Private Pond - - that we stopped at for a few minutes. On the way back into Island Ford, we tackled the warm-up hill going down and then back up, with Joy taking the honor of being first to the top.

We all agreed that we were happy to have been able to get our Thursday morning "fix" this week. And lunch at the NRT was full of friendly conversation and great burgers. ~ Joyce