Fri, Feb 15 2019 - West Palisades with Some Off Trail Exploration (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Rocky M, Claudia, Barry Polon, Zvia S, Silvia B, Shirley N, Linda H, Dan C, Paula Schubert, Neil, Wendy B, Janet G, DavidV, Allan, Anne G, Evy, Jennifer W, Judy

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Write Up:

Another great day for a hike.  We started right out of the parking lot with a divert to the north end of the park property where no official trails exist.  We did an out and back on a ridge line overlooking the Chattahoochee and walked through some terraced land that was previously farmed back before the CRNRA was formed.  After hiking down to the river level it was another hike back to the ridge line and out towards the Bob Callen trail.  Our next stop was to visit the ruins of the Akers Mill (for which Akers Mill Rd was named).  It was a tricky trip down to the ruins from the Bob Callen trail but worth it.  We finished by continuing out the Bob Callen trail and then up the hill and back to our cars.  

A special welcome to Anne G who although a long time member of the club was on her 4th AOC event.  Lastly, welcome back to Paula S.  Great to see you out on the trails again. ~ Holt