Sat, Mar 2 2019 - Kennesaw Battlefield Park Loop / No Mountains (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Joyce T., Suzanne, Dave G, Mandy H, A-M, Mary T, Luz Maria, Jack D., Mireille, Gerrilyn, Rozanne

Write Up:
This day started out with 12 delightful hikers! Taking a zero from the North Georgia Mountains, I decided to do a hike with the in town folks for a change. I also met some new people on the hike which is always nice. Our hike kept us on flat ground for most of the time, except for Hardage Mill, but we managed to get through it well. Noses Creek had a good flow so we decided to take the bridge. The hike went well with no hiccups...we had a fantastic group! Start and finish time during the hike was successful along with the collection time at all stops. (nobody was left behind) We got back to our cars just before a small rain shower. Thank you Jack D for pointing out that the Burnt Hickory parking lot is called the Pigeon Hill parking lot. ( good to know) Also It was nice to have a celebrity on our hike - Joyce T.