Sun, Feb 24 2019 - Sope Creek Wander (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Holt Ward
Participants:Holt Ward, Rocky M, Claudia, Dan C, Shirley N, Judy, Vera N, John B, Bart McD, Jennifer W, Steve F, Suzanne, Dave G, Neil, Raymond N

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Write Up:

Well after days and days of rain, we were blessed with beautiful weather for our wander through the woods at Sope Creek.  The objective of the hike today was to try to spend as much time as possible off the established offical trails and gave us an excellent opportunity to explore some of the unknown corners of the Sope Creek/ Cochran Shoals unit of CRNRA.  

We first popped into the woods on the west side of the park and walked an abandoned road bed as it weaved back and forth across some of the official trails.  We also went off trail and hiked by the foundation ruins of some old settlers cabins.  Then we went to the west end of Cochran Shoals on some old woods roads before starting to head back.  We visited the Scribner family cemetery where we saw many many daffodils nearby which likely marked the site of the Scribner home.  Finally we headed back to the cars and the end of our hike.  We covered about 6 miles on our hike in about 2.5 hours.  

Finally a welcome to two relatively new members of the AOC.  Both Raymond and Bart were on their 3rd club events.  Welcome and we look forward to seeing you on future AOC events. ~ Holt