Sat, Mar 9 2019 - Kennesaw Mountain Trail Work Day (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Gayle M., Mike C
Participants:Gayle M., Mike C, Trena, Tatiana F., Meg Wayne, Coco Cheng

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Write Up:

We stared the morning with fog, mist and a little chill. Not letting this dampen our enthusiasm, we did a quick round of AOC introductions, then joined the event briefing by the Kennesaw Mountain Tail Club. We were given an assignment about half mile from the parking lot. We were to work on the up-hill side of Noses Creek where we removed rocks, roots, berms, and dug new ditches. Those not familiar with using a McLeod or a Pulaski learned how to use these tools. Three plus hours later we were able to look back at what we had accomplished on this part of the trail knowing we had made the trail safer for hikers and runners to use.

I would like to thank Tatiana and Coco for joining us on their first trail Work Day. Meghan thanks for two in a row and Trena for your third. The President of the Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club complemented us on the difference we made.