Tue, Apr 9 2019 - Warwoman Dell / Pinnacle Knob - Bartram Trail - Wildflowers! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ann Howard, Ralph Howard
Participants:Ann Howard, Ralph Howard, Marty E, Suzanne, Dave G, Leigh B, Becky Douviile

Write Up:

It was a difficult day, really.  It was alot of different emotions.  The hike was great.  The weather held out, even better than held out, it was as someone said 'a painting' at the top of Pinnacle Knob.  On the way down, Coda decided we were his tribe.  We didn't know that at the time.  We just met two people and their dog.  The second dog was Coda.  They told us he was a local dog and he belonged to the mountain.  He sure did.  He knew the trail, knew the logs, the shrubs.  He decided to come with us - or so we thought.  By the end of the hike he was our leader.  We followed him.  He showed us the trail in a whole new way.  His colors are gorgeous.  His enthusiam, agility, sense of joy were given to us.  We petted him.  Took pictures.  Allowed him into our hearts as he opened his to us.  We laughed as he pushed Leigh into the depths of a ravine...knowing she was okay, but that we would give him her space.  We continued and he brought us to our cars.  Becky gave him a reward.  We thought it would end there and he would go to wherever his home was.  We had to make sure he didn't jump into a car - we should have realized then that he had claimed us as his.  He led the way out to the main road, so we thought.  But then the pain began.  He blocked our car and barked and slowed our progress.  He ran across lanes of traffic.  He barked.  Our passengers were afraid he wanted so badly for us to not leave that it would cost him his life.  Slowly, we made our way, and if we could, we drove fast to try to get past him.  More than once he ran with so much energy, we feared he would collapse in dangers way.  We got past him.  We immediately worried that we had made a mistake.  Had we done the right thing?  Surely he would go home.  Surely, there would be a more appropriate distraction.  If we turned him in, it might make matters worse.  He belonged to the mountain.  We held his heart and he held ours.  Not to be forgotten.  Coda, thanks for being our guide dog.  Thanks for sharing your mountain.  We hope you made it home safely.  Your friends forever.