Thu, Mar 7 2019 - Big Creek Greenway Bike Ride - with a Double Marconi (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, Katy Douglas-Miko, Kerry, Dan C, Georgia, Mike S, Gena, Glenn A, Michael Cifelli

Write Up:

Great ride on the last dry day for a while - from what the weather folks are telling it was great having a near full crew out there tonight. We welcomed in Georgia to the AOC on her first ever AOC event, met some new folks and rode with some familiar ones too. Tried to keep up with Glenn on the way out - but forgetting my cycling shoes and using flat pedals proved a bit too much. Dan even tested out some new panniers for the BikePacking event in a couple of weeks - man is Dan's bike CLEAN!!! All in all we had a great ride capped off with a few post ride tacos and AB's at HOLA! Hope to get back out there once the trail dries out.
p.s. big shout out to the crews that maintain those trails too, lotsa mud, rocks, dirt and debris on the trail would be hard to navigate, but they cleaned it up well!
Catch y'all out there again soon!