Sat, Mar 30 2019 - Dockery Lake to Woody Gap and Back( group hike) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Suzanne, Steve T, mark mattke, Elon, Silvia B, Rachel, Will L, Jeff Gimpel, Greg Pharo, Cathy

Write Up:
Had a good turn out for Saturday's hike! Would have had more, but close attention was paid to vetting.....thanks to a TL that volunteered some info on a new member regarding her past event. The hiking pace was closely monitored but still had a stretch in the line. At this point I really could not have gone any slower, only just a few lagged behind. When we collect at stops and you are behind just a couple of minutes that's perfectly ok as you are not holding up the group. ( this is not a race) If you find only yourself repeatedly behind the group, especially at a far distance, you need to re-evaluate your hiking levels. In some cases the TL will consult with you. Dockery Lake trail was clean no blowdown, crossed over 30 streams including the return. Pigeon Roost creek was with us for most of D/L trail. Lots of North bound thru hikers were on the A/T. Getting some blooms on the forest floor... spring is coming in the Mountains! Welcome back Jeff Gimpel from his recovery also Greg Pharo is tallying up some more D5s. Congrats to Will Lu on his second event and his first D5 with the club. Anyhoo good event, short drive to the Trailhead, everyone came out with smiles. Next week going back in the woods.( forest bathing )