Thu, Mar 28 2019 - Thursday Morning Semi-Fitness Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carol, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Carol, Bob G, SusanF, Steve S, Memphis Russ, Shirley N, Michelle D, Dave P, Steve F, Dan R, DavidV, mike hirschmann, Dave S, Dan C, Linda H, Suzanne, Bob R, Tracy, regina k

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Write Up:

Bob, Bob. Dan, Dan. Steve, Steve, David, David, David.  Yes, we were at Island Ford and not in a canyon somewhere!  But it certainly seemed like we had an echo going.  We had 2 Bobs, 2 Dans 2 Steves and 3 Davids on our hike today. And of course, Bob R. did show off his new, glittering wedding band!  No major milestones today, but one wasn't needed to celebrate our crew.  Beautiful weather;  started off in the low 50's and ended up around 60 with sunny skies, low humidity and a light breeze.  Bob and Michelle held hands at the end of the warm-up hill today so as to "tie," with Susan following right on their tails.  Spring is definitely in the air - leaves on the trees, plants blooming.  Thanks to everyone that joined us today and every Thursday. ~ Carol