Thu, Mar 28 2019 - TNT Edition : Big Creek Greenway Bike Ride - Dos Marconi (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, RoadieGirl, Dan C, SusanF, Gena, Dr. Dan Batchelor, Ping, Glenn A

Write Up:

What an awesome group out there tonight, terrific weather...traffic still SUX..30 minutes to go 2.4 miles (the distance from my house to the trailhead), I could have PUSHED my bike faster! Anyway, KILLER ride tonight, we need to get some of these MTB folks on CX, Hybrid or road bikes...the pace is fast and the hills only get BIGGER. Big Atta-Boy to Glenn for killing a few Quadzilla's early...hope to see you next Thursday when they count ;) As always love seeing everyone home safely...Gena, the Dan's, Ping, Glenn, Neighbor Susan & Chris! Strava stats: 1:20:58 time, 34.7 mph max (down the hill from top lot as I was almost last myself) & a 17.8 mph avg...and I swept the last lil bit too- y'all KILLED IT! c-ya soon