Sun, May 5 2019 - SECOND Cinco de Mayo Hike - Vickery Creek - Roswell Park Start (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:SusanF, Stephanie, Joyce T., Jose F., Gerrilyn, Linda H, Shirley N, Mark K, Dan R, Linda C, Tracy, regina k, Debbie, Bob R, Val, Bob G, Lixia, Li Wu, Mary D, Alison Rhodes

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Write Up:

Susan won the rock for the second hike, and it couldn't have pleased me more! And Regina's Cinco garb was exceptional!

We really covered the park on today's hike, starting at Riverside Park and going all the way to Oxbo Road on the other side of Vickery Creek. With all the trails in between, we covered 4.52 miles. (Muddy trails forced us to slow the hike a bit.)

We happily welcomed two brand new AOC members - - Stephanie (She was on both today's second and third hikes, and had no trouble handling them) and Mary D. (who sadly missed our first hike but enjoyed the company on this one). ~ Joyce