Sat, Mar 30 2019 - Key Swap: BMT Section 8 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ann Howard, Lisa
Participants:Ann Howard, Lisa, Ralph Howard, Mike S, Ken, Nahid, irene, Jeffrey, Connie, Alice G, Peter

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Write Up:
With a challenging start to the day, the conversation was rather, If you are finishing, put your changing gear in this car, not that car, and Lisa's car is not going there, even if you are in Lisa's group, but if you are in Ann's group then this should go where???? Nevermind, we'll sort it out before the hike starts!!' And once we get around the flagged road closure, we will get to our trailhead, but not before Ann needs to stop and say hello to the Section 7 goats! And then the groups sort the gear and begin a challenging hike, lots of elevation for everyone! Spring has just begun with mostly bloodroot and violets on trail. Group Lisa saw a swallowtail butterfly and everyone heard choruses of birds. Exceptionally nice trail underfoot, well maintained. Nice growths of hemlock, rhodo's, and yellow poplar. The weather was kind, sunny and breezy. Lunch was met at the halfway point with a delicious chocolate treat from Lisa that everyone appreciated. And then more walking, solitude and companionship were both abundant on the trail. The finish was celebrated at the party room at Rocco's. Smiling faces.